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Norman Acker

Norman Acker

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Team Member since June 1980

Norman grew up on a farm outside of the small community of Nazareth, Texas located in the Texas Panhandle. He graduated from Nazareth High School and attended St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas. Upon receiving a BBA in accounting from St Mary’s University in 1980, he began working for FVBK.

Through his work at FVBK, Norman encountered a variety of challenges and opportunities that are inherent to working with the public. In addition to managing the tax practice at FVBK, he enjoys consulting with the clients and helping them solve the problems at hand. No two situations are alike, nor are they always tax related.

Norman married Katelijne Forrez, who moved to Texas from Belgium to work as a nurse at a local hospital. They have two sons, Andrew and David.  Andrew, his wife Kathleen, and daughter, Emma, live in the Dallas area. David attends the University of Texas pursuing a computer science degree. Norman enjoys spending time with his family, yard work, and sailing, a sport that was not available to him back on the farm.

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